The beauty of data

Spreadics is unparalleled data analytics using online spreadsheets with integrated pivot tables, charting and dashboards.

Get new insights and make profit out of your data.

Spreadics Data Analytics Software

 It’s more important than ever to get a 360° view of what’s going on in your business. Understanding the connection between what happens and why is crucial for making sound decisions and taking action. With the Spreadics Progressive Analytics Platform you will get all the full context hidden within your data.

  • Easily analyze your data

    Upload your data into Spreadics data store. This gives you more and easier options to slice and dice original data.

  • Spreadsheet view = Spreadics

    As you search and analyse your data the first resulting view is a table. You can save any query as Spreadics.

  • Use your Spreadics

    Data in Spreadics tables can be visualized in any form from pivot to interactive charts and dashboards.