The Beauty of Data

Spreadics is unparalleled data analytics using online spreadsheets with integrated pivot tables, charting and dashboards.

Get new insights and make profit out of your data.

Spreadics Data Analytics Software

It’s more important than ever to get a 360° view of what’s happening in your business. Understanding the context between what is happening and why is critical to making informed decisions and taking action. With the Spreadics Progressive Analytics platform, you get all the context hidden in your data.

  • Easily analyze your data

    Easily load your data into the Spreadics Data Store. This gives you more and easier possibilities to analyze based on original data.

  • One table view = one spreadics

    When browsing and analyzing your data, the first resulting view is a table. You can save any of these queries as spreadics.

  • Apply Spreadics

    Data in Spreadics tables can be visualized in any form, from pivot tables to interactive charts and dashboards.


Connect all your applications and worksheets into one single data universe.

  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Manual and automated data feeds
  • Define data types at first upload


Start with a known problem, validate a hypothesis or start from blank and discover in real-time with advanced fulltext search.

  • High Speed Searches
  • Aggregations on original data
  • Predefined Search options


Find correlations, trends, bottlenecks and more with the visual interface in a breeze.

  • Interactive Charting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Meaningful Dashboards

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